about the faculty

Gain experience, knowledge and skills for creating quality media content, successful journalism, PR, advertising, etc.

The Ljubljana-based Faculty of Media was founded on 15 February 2008 and is one of the newest higher education institutions in the Republic of Slovenia. In the 2008/09 academic year the Faculty began to conduct its Media and Journalism study programme at undergraduate and master levels. Both study programmes offer students a combination of knowledge and skills in different fields ranging from social sciences to technical fields so as to qualify students to create quality media contents. Grounded in modern learning approaches which use information and communication technologies that enable interactive student-teacher co-operation, education at the Faculty of Media aims to form integrally educated media professionals who are able to move easily within the different horizons of the media world. Individual practical work involving the creation of various types of media contents is enabled by technologically well-equipped facilities and occurs under the mentorship of qualified lecturers. Our panel of academic lecturers represents a winning combination of experienced practitioners and expert research analysts of media happenings.

Seeing its mission as offering students diverse, attractive and innovative study programmes presenting good foundations for a successful career in different professional fields, the Faculty has a clear development vision grounded in the successful development of both pedagogical and research/scientific work. Future professionals educated at the Faculty will thus acquire broad practical knowledge in the social sciences along with technical knowledge further upgraded with specific media knowledge and skills. The Faculty’s main importance lies in its goal of finding the right balance between scientific research and a practical approach on one hand and, on the other, sociological and engineering/technological attitudes in media production. It is thereby contributing to the active development on the field of media and journalism. 


Faculty of Media = The path to success in the world of media.


Creation and transfer of top knowledge in the field of media studies and production.